Love Your Neighbour | ARTE


by Etienne Chaillou & Mathias Théry
A coproduction Quark / ARTE France - Web Department



Film-making, painting, pictures: Etienne Chaillou & Mathias Théry
Painting sketch: Martin Maniez


Concept: Etienne Chaillou & Mathias Théry
Web designer: Brieuc Dupont (Blacktool)
Web developer: Frédéric Quin (GlobGlob Créations)



ARTE France – Web Department
Marie-Laure Lesage
Gilles Freissinier
Marianne Lévy-Leblond
Marie Berthoumieu
Adrien Carpentier
Jérôme Vernet

Juliette Guigon & Patrick Winocour

Production manager: Dan Weingrod
Production assistant: Marie Bottois
Production accountant: Pierre Houri

English translation: Cécile Nelson


With the participation of the CNC

© ARTE France - QUARK Productions - 2014

Love Your Neighbour | ARTE

A Pole
A Croat
A Luxembourger
A Latvian
An Italian
A Swede
A Portuguese
A Dane
An Estonian
A Hungarian
A German
An Englishwoman
A Greek
A Slovene
A Maltese
A Belgian
An Austrian
A Bulgarian
A Czech
A Lithuanian
A Slovak
A Romanian
An Irishwoman
A Frenchman
A Cypriot
A Dutchman
A Finn
A Spaniard
fresco - Love your neighbor

How do you picture your European neighbours?

This is what we asked to nationals from the 28 EU countries. Drag the missing pieces into the fresco to discover the films. Stereotypes? Truths? Fantasies? It's for you to see.

To access the films directly, click on “Stick all”.