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An Irishwoman by Vassia the Greek

And you, how do you picture an Irish(wo)man?

Katerina the Bulgarian

The woman is in Ireland. She is in a bar that looks rather like a hall where she often goes dancing. Her red curly hair is dotted with little flowers. Her dress is made of dark green velvet embroidered with fine golden patterns. She dances and listens to her shoes slapping the floor. This takes her mind off her day and all the unpleasant things that happened, and the awful rain that wet her hair. There are many people around her also dancing to free themselves. Everybody is overjoyed.

Collected in Sofia

Roberta & Helena the Estonians

Roberta & Helena the Estonians

I picture a rich businessman around forty years old. He is red-haired. He wears a suit and plays soccer with his two kids. The lawn is green and the landscape is hilly. The weather is cloudy and sometimes rainy. He is naturally calm, gentle and generous. He has a small long-haired dog and two children. He lives in an old house. The important thing for him is that his family is happy.

Collected in Tallinn

Florent the Frenchman

Florent the Frenchman

The Irishman is just like Bilbo the Hobbit among large green valleys. He is very, very white with freckles and a stiff bunch of red hair. He is called o’ something – like O’Neil or O’Brian. He is quite a heavy drinker, but friendly. He sometimes fights outside pubs. If you have a problem with an Irishman, you fight him alone, always one to one. But his goal in life would be something utopian such as saving Celtic culture from invasive globalization.

Collected in Montreuil

Dina the Greek

Dina the Greek

I think of a 35 year-old man. He is tall, very well proportioned, with black hair and blue eyes. He is wearing jeans, a shirt, a bandana and a blazer. He is a computer programmer. Every morning, he drinks Irish coffee before cycling to work. After work, he goes tap-dancing while drinking whiskey. He dances well. He flirts around. I would like to kiss him… I think that Ireland is the Mediterranean of the North. We have a rather similar mindset, even though the Irish are better organized and more respectful of laws.

Collected in Athens


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