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An Estonian by Athena the Cypriot

And you, how do you picture an Estonian?

Sasa the Croat

I imagine the Estonian woman to be always in a good mood. Her wide smile shows beautiful white teeth. She has small eyes and wears the traditional head dress. She works as a guide to a water tower turned into a landmark building. While taking us there, she tells us the history of her town. On the way, she greets people in the street. The tourists follow her with interest. From the top of the tower, you can see the whole town and its surrounding forests, streams, rivers, and lakes. After work, she goes back home happily.

Collected in Pazin

Ursula the Austrian

In front of me is this young Estonian woman. She is torn between the European world and the Russian culture she grew up in before the fall of the iron curtain. Her identity quest is expressed in her lifestyle. She loves to shop with her friends, buying Vuitton handbags and even a little Chihuahua that follows her everywhere, but like all Estonian women she is also intent on pursuing a career. To me, she is trying to sort of carve her own space between these worlds – a space that Europe hasn’t granted yet to Estonia as a whole.

Collected in Vienna

David the Slovene

I picture a young Estonian woman with pale skin and long auburn hair. She is behind a desk wearing a receptionist’s uniform. You can read sadness in her eyes. She dreams of a warm, sunny and exotic elsewhere. She needs colour to feel alive. She must speak Russian with her grandmother, but when dealing with Russians, she speaks English. She takes a course in Spanish and saves money in order to get away for good. Her cat is her only connection with her city, but she has already planned to leave him to neighbours. Biding her time before exile, she collects postcards.

Collected in Koper

Sergio the Slovene

I picture an Estonian woman as a beautiful blue-eyed blonde. She is a housewife who spends her days knitting sweaters which she then sells to supplement the family income. Her husband is a qualified factory worker. Together with their two kids, they live in a warm house made of painted wood. Every morning, she makes a rich breakfast for them to be able to face the cold heartily. In spite of the low temperature, I think it is a nice country and that the lady is happy because she has a solid culture; people without culture are not happy.

Collected in Piran


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