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An Englishwoman by Luka & Kristina the Lithuanians

And you, how do you picture a Briton?

Marek-Martin the Czech

I think of a man sitting on a bench facing the sea in Portsmouth. His hair is grey. He must be around 60. He’s wearing an elegant blue blazer and a tie. Next to him lies a purple umbrella. Further on, a young man has been staring at him strangely for the last five minutes. If this goes on, he’ll go and speak to him. It may be because of his looks, because he has a rather unpleasant face, and seems out of reach. However, when someone gets to know him, he’ll find that he is a really nice man, that he is an absolutely normal Brit.

Collected in Brno

Landry the Frenchman

To me, a Scotsman is before all a descendant of Vikings – a tall and sturdy guy, red-haired, with braids. He wears a kilt with nothing under, of course. Because the Scot is a warrior and viscerally bound to his land and traditions. In the daytime, he roams around the windswept and rain-swept Highlands treading the peat bogs of his ancestors, and at night, in the seclusion of his old stones lit by a chimney fire, dipping his lips in good scotch, he dreams of his independence.

Collected in Paris

Mario the Slovak

I picture a girl working in a manicure salon. She creates artificial nails. It’s the evening, and she is out with her girl friends. At the back of the bus, they drink a hidden bottle, just like teenagers. They want to act crazy to let out the steam of the week’s work. So they dressed in a provocative way. It’s almost vulgar, but they find that normal, even necessary. They join another group of girls just as superficial. They’ll spend a wild night that will in a way charge up their mental batteries again, even if it won’t last for long.

Collected in Bratislava


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Georgia | Romania

I picture a blonde curvy 29 years old girl. She's wearing a rain coat and she didn't get much sleep last night, as she's not taking her sunglasses off while entering the coffee shop. She can't stand the parfume smell early that day, and she never smiles. She grabs her coffee to go and gives the beggar outside the annoying coins from her pocket. She remember yesterdays’ daily telegraph “A beggar surprised staff at a Calcutta bank when she presented four large buckets of coins and asked to open an account”. This beggar must be european. All beggars are european. This rain must stop..

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