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An Austrian by Dajana the Slovak

And you, how do you picture an Austrian?

Atena the Romanian

In my mind’s eye, I see a young Austrian woman driving a red convertible on a mountain road. It is her first holiday since she has started university. She goes back home to visit her parents in another town. Her long curly hair is floating behind her with the speed. The sun shines through the clouds and one of its rays beams down right onto the girl in the car, like a spotlight. A Romanian girl would never be alone for such a long trip. She would always be accompanied by friends.

Collected in Constanta

Anayat the Swede

Here is my fantasy picture of the Swiss – sorry, of the Austrian people: an old woman and man dressed in traditional green and white clothes. The man wears a thick yellow moustache which he dips into his beer. The woman is seated and is making cheese. Sheep are grazing around them. Behind them are the snowy Alpine mountaintops. It’s hot, the grass is green, it’s summertime. The woman looks surly. She is annoyed because her husband gives her no help. He is sipping his beer while she is sweating over her old rusty, clattering churner.

Collected in Stockholm

Olivier the Belgian

She is slim, brown-haired with hazelnut eyes and thick eyebrows. She wears a skirt with black tights. She is very discreet, her friends like her loyalty and elegance in society. She hangs around Graz museums and likes to go to art openings, although keeping a low profile. She is even passionate about a few painters . Every weekend, she goes back to see her parents because she is very attached to her family. During the week, she works in a little framing workshop where she uses a horrible air compressor appliance to wipe the dust off the window panes. Here is my Austrian girl.

Collected in Brussels

Soumaya the Belgian

She is a woman in her twenties, made ugly by her frilly traditional dress. Usually, I find Austrian women very pretty, but this one was not endowed with natural graces. She is having tea with her female friends – that is her cousin-friends because they all grew up together in that closed-off castle, isolated from the world. They talk about arranged marriages with first-degree cousins. They are outdated princesses, and every morning they put on their glittery headpieces, their dresses and… some pretty underwear, I suppose. It still is a sad thing to see in 2014.

Collected in Brussels


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