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A Swede by Harri the Finn

And you, how do you picture a Swede?

Johannes the German

We are in Stockholm, in November. At the end of a workday, a couple emerges from a fitness club. They have just finished a training session with their coach. They have already burnt some extra fat – so they have been told at work. He is a 6’4”, clean-shaven, and not the macho type. She is a natural, although austere beauty. They follow a precisely set daily schedule. Tonight they have planned to spend some time together to talk about their new flat. Also, they’d now like to get to the business of having a baby. He’ll be back and join her right after drinking a quick beer with his colleagues.

Collected in Stockholm

Jose Luis the Spaniard

I can clearly picture a Swede snuggled in his home in the middle of the forest at the heart of winter. It’s freezing out and warm inside the house. He works as a lumberjack and everything at his place is made of wood. He is a robust man with square jaws. He spends his weekends sitting on his Ikea couch and drinking away with his wife, who is fat and blonde – although bleached blonde.  They both wear thick socks, jeans and plaid logger shirts. They are sprawling, their eyes drowsy with liquor.

Collected in Barcelona

Misenka the Slovak

I imagine a female Swedish who has a woman’s body and a girl’s face, with blue eyes and two blond braids. She is barefoot in her sandals. She’s standing in of a bar which is not a standard bar: here, you don’t have to pay. It’s a neighbourhood of squats, where people live in communes. A sense of love radiates everywhere. It’s not really an alternative area, as it is integrated in the city. As for her, she is a “cybergirl” – belonging to some Pirate Party, and owns her own Torrent server. Cyber technologies, political activism and sharing are all she loves.

Collected in Bratislava


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Mirka | The Netherlands

It is October, wet, cold and a little dark. A woman in her thirties can be seen behind a big, brightly lit window of a coffeeshop. She sits there with her child next to her, sleeping in a huge strawler. The woman is nicely dressed in the last designer clothes. She is drinking a soy latte while working on her laptop. She seems a little tormented, or maybe just be bored.

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