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A Spaniard by Isabela the Romanian

And you, how do you picture a Spaniard?

Peter the Lithuanian

I imagine the Spaniard as a short man, with dark hair of course. He would have a goatee or a mustache. And he is passionate. The word “Pasionaria” is Spanish, meaning “with strong character”, almost fanatical. He puffs up to look important, but in fact always keeps calm, particularly with his wife. He really loves her, and fears losing her. She too is short. She is well-proportioned, and walks like a queen. All Spanish women walk like queens, or at least like countesses. It's true, I saw it in Barcelona!

Collected in Vilnius

Dalibor the Czech

I picture a young Spanish man, shoeless and smoking a fag. He’s wearing a large tee-shirt over loose trousers. Next to him is a dog. He's standing in front one of these caves in Granada. After months of searching for and not finding a job despite his degree in engineering, he has decided to give it all up and go live in a cave because he is a free and open-minded man. He furnished it with a bed and blankets. There is even a sink. He planted a pole with Tibetan flags in front of it. If his situation improves some day, he'll go back to the world.

Collected in Brno

Andrew the Irishman

I picture a 50-year old woman running a guesthouse in San Sebastian. She is a fake blonde and a heavy smoker. She's standing by a desk with her young English assistant. As he's explaining the rules of the house to travelers, she suddenly starts shouting abuse at him. Her paranoia makes her think that he's talking to tourists about herself. It heats up, with her snapping criticism at him and his fighting back, shocked. The tourists are puzzled. He thinks he'll get fired, but in Spain that sort of confrontation happens daily, and that same evening, the woman will have forgotten about it.

Collected in Dublin

Carlos the Portuguese

I think of a tall man with broad shoulders, sturdy legs, dressed in a light-brown velvet suit with a maroon bandana. His hair is slicked back with gel. He has a small bald patch that only he and his wife know about. He looks distinguished. He is walking assuredly down a popular Madrid street, holding a briefcase in his hand. He has a meeting with someone he doesn’t know, but with whom he was told he would do good business. It must be connected to his friends in politics and in finance, and probably also has to do with Switzerland.

Collected in Lisbon


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