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A Slovene by Brigitte the Austrian

And you, how do you picture a Slovene?

Boglarka the Hungarian

It is a Slovene cemetery in a seaside town. It’s very hot, the weather is fantastic. The cemetery is full of many-coloured plants, and of bees humming around the flowers, and of smells. An old woman with a grey bun, looking cheerful, is tending to her husband’s grave. Behind her, a small bunch of old women have also come to maintain their husbands’ tombstones. They’re laughing, I believe they’re even singing. They have had long, beautiful stories with their husbands. Behind the graves, you can see the sea, and it’s peaceful.

Collected in Budapest

Landry the Frenchman

To me, Slovenes are above all a mountainous people living today peacefully in green, secluded valleys, away from the world and history. Winters are rough there, but the Slavic soul keeps the natives going and fuels itself from the romantic landscapes that time has left untouched. However, the Slovene is also turned towards the world: married to Miss Slovenia, he is an Olympics ski champion, and in his spare time a staunch pro-bear supporter. Moderate traditionalists, reasonable modernists – that's the Slovenes.

Collected in Paris


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