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A Slovak by Sasa the Czech

And you, how do you picture a Slovak?

Zsolt the Hungarian

I imagine a guy, a Slovak with long grey hair driving to Hungary along an old-fashioned road. He stops at the border and looks at the customs officer while listening to very loud rock music. With a happy smile, he addresses him and teases him. The boot of his car is full of vinyls that the customs officer stares at, wide-eyed. But the guy climbs back into his car, makes a couple more jokes and hits the road again. It’s his life goal – he spends his time driving all around Europe.

Collected in Budapest

Salwek the Pole

Let’s imagine a typical representative of the Slovak nation: a tall man with a belly bloated with beer, living in a rural area where all the houses look alike, in a valley surrounded by forests. He lives without stress. When he has time, he takes his flock of sheep out to graze or has a beer or plum vodka with his neighbours. They complain about the euro and the soaring prices. In order to earn money, you’ve got to leave the country; that’s why Slovaks have family abroad, in Austria, Germany, or elsewhere in Western Europe.

Collected in Cracow


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