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A Romanian by Uldis the Latvian

And you, how do you picture a Romanian?

Daniela the Austrian

I picture a young woman in her thirties. She is prettily dressed with a full-length dress. She works for the Cross-Border Cooperation programme between Bulgaria and Romania. She is on the ferry that crosses the Danube, the border between the two countries. One foot on the railing, she’s looking at the water and says: “It’s a beautiful day today. I love to take the ferry to work. I’m really lucky to take part in that European Union programme. We live a much better time than before, in Romania, many new projects are made possible.”

Collected in Vienna

Maya the Bulgarian

I picture a nice, smiling, middle-aged trumpeter, with fully blown cheeks. He is well-dressed. He isn’t rich, but not really poor either. He is standing somewhere outside the city, in some cast pasture. Behind him is a full orchestra which, I suppose, is waiting for him to start playing to accompany. The sun shows through the clouds, creating beams of sunlight. He is happy to be there. He feels well when he plays music. Otherwise, he manages like everybody else with daily life.

Collected in Burga

Magdi the Hungarian

I imagine that trekking through the mountains we’ll stumble upon a shepherd in the middle of his flock. He asks us: “Where do you come from? Why come here, where there aren’t even any birds?” When he understands that we are foreigners, he offers us to sit and invites us to taste some liquor. He is a handsome man, although a little old. You can see his clear eyes under his fur cap. He doesn’t speak much. He stares at the horizon. I notice on his face that he’s thinking about something – maybe about a young woman. Perhaps he was hoping that she’d come and get him.

Collected in Budapest

Michaela the Slovene

She is a Romanian woman with dreadlocks. She’s wearing loose trousers and Roman sandals. She’s hitchhiking with her dog along an old road. She has just got a small bag with two tee-shirts because she travels light. It’s very hot and dry. There is nothing around. She’s been waiting for almost 45 minutes and not one car has passed by. Nevertheless, she is happy to have hit the road. Most often, she feels a pleasant emptiness in her head. She loves freedom. That’s also why she goes to nudist beaches.

Collected in Bratislava


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