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A Maltese by Martina the Italian

And you, how do you picture a Maltese?

Gunnel the Finn

I imagine a middle-aged woman sitting in a café. There are many tourists around her. She’s got black hair and black eyes. Maltese women generally look older than their age. They are not as good-looking as Italian or Greek women. She has a warm and cheerful temperament. She’s thinking about what the future will bring or make her endure. In spite of the economic crisis, she is quite content with her situation and her family. The sea is visible from the café. There is a little breeze. It’s an attracting country.

Collected in Helskinki

Iris the Slovene

OK, so let me imagine a Maltese. He is a young man of 27, tall, tanned, and muscular. He’s got plucked eyebrows and black hair. He looks after his body and finds himself very handsome. His fiancée is also Maltese, but he likes girls from the North. Since he is a masseur at a hotel compound, he often cheats on her with other girls. She doesn’t know it. He likes to do that, and tries to attract girls by any possible way. He thinks he is some kind of Californian playboy!

Collected in Koper


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