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A Luxembourger by Vinzenz the German

And you, how do you picture a Luxembourger?

Denis the Bulgarian

I picture a Luxembourger seated on a throne and counting his gold coins again and again. The man is dressed in a black and grey striped suit. He has a little moustache. He has a wife and children, but doesn’t think much about them. Ever since he was born, he has been dreaming of only one thing: to become a banker in order to manage his and other people’s money. He has no other dream, and his only goal is to keep working as long as possible for the bank.

Collected in Sofia

Merilin the Estonian

I imagine a rather young man. He’s got auburn hair. He is wearing a black suit with a red tie and well-polished black shoes. He is in front of a café in a paved street lined with trees. The place is peaceful. He’s holding his phone in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other. He’s talking vehemently about his next meeting. Next to him is a dark brown suitcase. He is married but rarely sees his wife. He is focused on his career. At business dinners, he likes to drink red wine and eat vegetarian. His dream is to spend more time at home.

Collected in Tallinn

Florent the Frenchman

Luxembourgers, I don’t know them, but the stereotype I have in mind is far from complimentary. They are the bourgeois of our planet. They draw their wealth not from physical or intellectual efforts but from sneaky bank speculations. I picture a couple in a vast house with two children. A classic mom and dad family, naturally. The big Porsche is parked in front. They are tall and ugly. The woman is done over in places. They often go on holiday, always to faraway places such as Bali or the Dominican Republic because at home, everything is grey.

Collected in Montreuil

Zsolt the Hungarian

In Luxembourg, I picture a politician in a suit having coffee in the sun. I wouldn’t know his name and wouldn’t care. He eats healthy food. He has worked all his life to reach a very important position. Truly, his goal is -- in fact his work has got no particular goal. To my mind, he’ll spend his whole life doing what he does daily at the office. That’s how he feels well. And that’s it.

Collected in Budapest


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