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A Lithuanian by Steen the Dane

And you, how do you picture a Lithuanian?

Gunvor the Swede

I have always dreamt over maps... I used to think of that little country just across the Baltic from us. I had strong feelings for the people over there. I imagine the countryside... no, a small town. And a little lady aged 40. She is dressed in dark, plain clothes. With a humble, slightly begging look, she is holding a little bag. She'd like to receive charity and, why not, some food to put in her bag. People around her look the same. They greet her and think that she's doing something respectable when trying to fill her bag. It's not degrading, it's only fair.

Collected in Stockholm

Landry the Frenchman

It's even harder for me to tell a Lithuanian from an Estonian than a Swede from a Norwegian – that's how hard it is! The Lithuanian lives in the South Baltic region, and like other Balts, he is a mix of several peoples – Germans, Russians and Swedes; but the Lithuanian is also culturally close to the West and its large European cities. It makes a tall and sullen blond guy drinking a beer in front of the lethal whiteness of the Baltic, and in the winter, the same guy drinking the same beer in front of the snowy whiteness of the Vilnius streets.  

Collected in Paris


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