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A Latvian by Rob the Dutchman

And you, how do you picture a Latvian?

Susana the Portuguese

I think of a 50-year-old man, tall, blond, blue-eyed, his hair neatly combed back and wearing a long gabardine coat. He’s holding a little boy by the hand, who keeps jumping around. Both are strolling together through the gardens of Riga. Every day, they step into a church to listen to the organ and the choirs, or to draw. He is an art historian, and particularly interested in drawing. He like to sketch people in cafes and has a surprising passion for chandeliers. He brings back his drawings to his wife and says: “Look at that lovely chandelier I saw today!”.

Collected in Lisbon

Hana the Czech

I never was in Latvia and I don’t know anything about those people but the first thing I picture is a big fire and young people dancing and singing around it. They are all in traditional dress. They live in the same area. At the centre of the circle is a young woman, a little fat but very pretty. She is used to that kind of party since childhood. Today, she is hoping to find an attractive boy. I think that Latvians live very connected to nature, but that otherwise, their way life is similar to our European lifestyle.

Collected in Brno


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