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A Hungarian by Irina the Croat

And you, how do you picture a Hungarian?

Marie the Czech

When you say Hungarian, I imagine a man working at a sausage factory. It’s a tiny factory in a sordid village. He is wearing a blood-stained apron. His stomach is already bloated with beer. He is not the optimist type. If I meet a guy like him, I wouldn’t want to speak to him at all. He has a wife who stays home all day to take care of the kids. He doesn’t really love her. He just feels deeply bored and all day long only thinks of stringing sausages together.

Collected in Brno

Marino the Italian

I picture a young Hungarian man playing the violin in one of those typical Budapest restaurants. He has an angular face, with high cheekbones. He might look like me with his bushy eyebrows. He is very taken by the rhythm of the gypsy music he’s playing. He can only be Hungarian to be able to play such music. He looks at a young American girl sitting in the room and tries to touch her with music. He’s smiling. In Trieste, there is a special love cake called the ringojanci, which was inspired by a Hungarian gypsy musician. It’s a cake with whipped cream and chocolate.

Collected in Trieste

Suzanne the Dutch

I picture an ageless woman, but already old. She has had six or seven children. They have all left home. Her husband works in the village while she keeps buying the latest gadgets and trinkets at the local drugstore. She may be doing that because of the pain of being cut off from her children, or out of loneliness. There are carpets with various patterns covering the tiled floor of the house, and “Made in China” porcelain figurines stacked on the furniture. Right now, she’s heating up a meat dish in the microwave. It’s made of reindeer brought back from hunting by her husband.

Collected in Amsterdam

Branko the Croat

It’s a very complex question. I imagine the Hungarian woman as a fiery woman. You can see it from the traditional boots she wears. She dances to perfection and is a very good horse rider. She is men’s equal. I think of Judit Polgár, who is a world chess grandmaster. Because they have character, Hungarian women are very attractive. The dream of every man from the Balkans, whether Croat, Slovene, Serb, Montenegrin or Bosnian, is to spend a beautiful summer with a Hungarian woman with slightly Asian features and a loud mouth.

Collected in Pazin


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