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A Greek by Idriss the Frenchman

And you, how do you picture a Greek?

Silvia the Bulgarian

It’s a Greek couple in their mid-thirties. They are rich. The man is in a bathrobe and is reading his paper, lying in a deck chair, a Golden Retriever at his feet. The woman has an elaborate hairdo. She is wearing high-heel shoes and a thin white outfit because it’s very hot. She’s polishing her nails by the pool. They have just closed their antique shop. They don’t like working too much, but they love money. Their villa is luxurious, with mosaic floors, sculptures, and fountains in the garden.

Collected in Burgas, 4 July 2013

Grite the Lithuanian

He is a man with olive skin, a full head of black hair and bushy unibrow. Bunches of hair show from out his tank top. I picture him sitting on the beach. His wife is sunbathing at his side while he watches the girls bathing in the sea. His blood is constantly boiling, loaded with testosterone. I imagine that he has an easy life, that he loves good food and good wine. I can’t imagine a sad Greek. Greeks are joyful people – that’s a fact.

Collected in Vilnius

Sami the Finn

I picture a man in front of his restaurant, trying hard to get people to step in. In touristy places, they keep accosting passers-by day and night. That insistence is really surprising for a Finnish person. They are also naturally warmer than us, and more cheerful. Otherwise, they are no different. They are dark-haired with olive skin, that’s all.

Collected in Helsinki

Georghe the Romanian

I imagine a very elegant Greek citizen strolling along the seaside. He is dressed in brown trousers and a beige shirt. He catches sight of a young Romanian woman and falls instantly in love. They get friendly and walk along together happily. The landscape is beautiful, the sea is blue, the sky azure blue. The seafront is very rocky. There are olive trees. He is overwhelmed. Unfortunately I never went to Greece. I hope to go some day to stroll along the sea. And maybe I’ll find a girl somewhere out there.

Collected in Constanţa


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