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A German by Lee the Englishman

And you, how do you picture a German?

Kuba the Pole

To me, a typical German woman is a Helga – that is a fat blonde with braids, working as a nurse in a hospital. She is mean and domineering. She scares her boss, who is tiny next to her. She’s the one who gives the orders and bosses people around. I picture her leaning over a poor frightened patient, being rough with him, a big syringe in her hand. After work, in her free time, she goes and visit friends although these women, these Helgas, usually stay home with their seven cats and eat sausages while watching their favourite TV series.

Collected in Cracow

Velta the Latvian

Let’s say a German is… a man who owns land and a farm. He is a white-collar farmer, neat and clean-cut. His farming operation is equipped with the latest machinery. He doesn’t work, he commands. All day long he tells his workers what to do and how. He feels responsible for them and is careful to treat them right. He likes when things are well organized and neatly done. One can say that Germans are very organized. Very responsible, very meticulous. I don’t know what more to say.

Collected in Riga

Christine the Italian

I picture a German man in his thirties. He is blond, tall, robust, and slightly potbellied. He is not handsome, but very strong. He wears a parka, a sports outfit and safety boots. He is a builder. He is out in the cold, smoking a cigarette while smoothing over a wall with a trowel. I like to imagine that he works a hard job because Germans are usually associated with bankers or insurers working in offices. However, there are also others who suffer just like us.

Collected in Trieste

Betie the Luxembourger

My character lives in some desolate area of Germany. He is driving a car at great speed, a hamburger in one hand. It’s his lunch break. He went to the McDonald’s drive-in on the motorway to get his food. He has a chubby profile, black hair and glasses. He wears a grey sweater and sneakers. He has been a teacher for a long time. He has kept changing schools throughout his career because he was never satisfied with his students. Today, he feels better, although he doesn’t get along with the other teachers. But anyway, he’ll soon be retiring.

Collected in Luxembourg


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Jose | Spain

To me, a typical German man is tall, serious and strong. Typical white-collar man. Very responsible, very meticulous.

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