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A Dutchman by Varje the Estonian

And you, how do you picture a Dutch?

Marlene the German

I can see a Dutch teenage girl of around 15. She’s standing in the middle of a tulip field that stretches beyond sight, wearing a white dress with blue and red stripes. A butterfly is fluttering around her. The sun is shining. She is carefully picking the flowers, choosing the most beautiful ones; she’ll later go and sell them at the market. She is thinking about what she’ll do with the money. She’d like to travel, but she can’t think of anything better than be in that field. She feels free. She finds it nice to live in the Netherlands, particularly on that very day.

Collected in Diessen

Angel the Bulgarian

The first thing that a foreigner notices in Holland is the contrast between the bad weather and the fact that everybody is smiling. I imagine a man being given a traffic ticket by a policeman. He is tall, blond and blue eyed, with a handsome face, and he is smiling. The policeman is also smiling, out of pleasure of a job well done. The Dutch are very strict regarding the law and at the same time very open to meeting new people, to foreigners… They are always positive.

Collected in Burgas

Goga the Pole

A Dutchman is to me a guy who shops on a bike. He is well-dressed but in a casual way – for instance, cargo trousers and a coloured shirt. He may have long hair tied in a ponytail. He holds a liberal point of view on the world and is rather open-minded. His stand in relation to gays and lesbians is not stereotyped. There are no curtains at his windows but he never spies on his neighbours and is less critical of them than in other countries. That’s about all. Oh, I forgot! He eats badly… His food is terrible!

Collected in Cracow


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