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A Dane by Christian the Slovene

And you, how do you picture a Dane?

Branka the Austrian

Her name probably is Mette-Marit, she’s got dark blond hair and a freckled face. She plays on a women's soccer team while being a student in political science. I picture her on a field in full action as a striker. I can hear her  giggle each time she scores a goal. She is already mentally planning her evening – to meet with her female friends in a bar or cook with them. Generally speaking, she doesn't think much about the future. She loves life, and fully enjoys her soccer-playing time.

Vienna, 3 July 2013

Olivier the Belgian

My Danish woman is a rather short blonde with pink streaks in her hair. She is 28 and more elegant than really sexy. She likes comfortable clothes made of natural materials. She is an interior decorator. Constantly plugged to her smartphone, she does everything with it: work, shop online, talk with her friends. She is a hip and eco-friendly city girl. She contemplates building a « passive energy » cabin by a lake. She would go there on weekends with her boyfriend and tend a vegetable garden like her grandmother. Basically, she dreams of a return to nature – only with a good wifi connection!

Collected in Brussels

Ingvar the Finn

He is a Danish man sitting in a cafe on Ströget Street, Copenhagen. He has just come out of the bookshop he works in. He's got red hair, a beard of several days, small round glasses and red shoes – which is a telling detail. He's reading his newspaper on the outdoor terrace. Although he is a humorous person – as Danes usually are – he looks stern and focused while drinking his beer. He wonders how to solve his country's financial problems. He thinks for a while, lights up his pipe, and decides to enjoy the last sunshine of that beautiful summer evening.

Collected in Helsinki

Alex the Luxembourger

My character comes from Denmark. He is in his late twenties. He is handsome – slim, blond with blue eyes. He is a young politician with a bright future. Not the kind, though, who dresses in a suit and tie – he'd rather keep his shirt collar unbuttoned and roll up his sleeves. At symposiums, he gives presentations of his research on climate and impresses his boss and colleagues with his easy and energetic manner. He has a large-scale vision. He is an ambitious man.

Collected in Luxembourg


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