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A Cypriot by Carmel the Maltese

And you, how do you picture a Cypriot?

Timo the German

To me, a Cypriot is a little plump character with tanned skin and dark hair. He is sweating in his three-piece suit and tie which is tight around his neck. He works in a bank where he regularly receives big suitcases full of Russian money. He is responsible for storing them safely in the basement. Each time he goes down the stairs, he thinks about what he could do with all these roubles – but still, he puts them away in the safe.

Collected in Dresden

Merilin the Estonian

I picture a Cypriot fisherman in his early forties, quite tall, with a big nose and very dark eyes. He has tanned skin and hair greying at the sides. His hands are rough. I imagine him working on his boat. There is sunshine and the wind is blowing hard. There are many small rowboats in the gulf. The sea is very cold. He catches fish. He is smiling. That work is tough but he likes it. He comes from a very large family and he has himself several daughters. He likes to go to the market with them. Every Sunday he makes bread for the whole week.

Collected in Tallinn


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