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A Croat by Zsolt the Hungarian

And you, how do you picture a Croat?

Iwona the Pole

Iwona the Pole

I see a man and a woman, both middle-aged, sitting on a bench in front of a white house. As soon as they spot a tourist, they invite him to sit on the bench and offer him raki and goat cheese. They say that you now live better in Croatia than before. Tourists keep flocking in, and Croatians like them well. I have never been to Croatia, but some friends of mine travelled there and experienced it. Croats particularly appreciate that Polish tourists come in huge numbers to enjoy their gentle climate and  warm welcome.

Collected in Cracow

Dragos the Romanian

Dragos the Romanian

She is a young Croat woman with dark hair and slightly Slavic features. She spends her day basking in the sun on her rocky island. She looks like one of those women you see in the South of France, in Nice or Cannes. But after each of her naps, when she goes back home, you would think that she is taking a trip to the East. Her house looks like it is in Romania or Bulgaria. She makes traditional Slavic dishes for her husband. This woman’s life hangs somewhere between the cosmopolitan West and the patriarchal East.

Collected in Constanta


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