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A Belgian by Josiane the Luxembourger

And you, how do you picture a Belgian?

Tibor the Hungarian

I have never been to Belgium, but I imagine that it’s a magnificent country with huge pastures by the sea. I picture a couple who ride around Europe on a motorcycle. The guy is rather muscular. He’s got a few tattoos. The girl’s got long red hair and beautiful green eyes. They are both charming, with fine smiling faces. They have stopped to picnic in the sun and are discussing their trip cheerfully. I think that Hungarians are not as warm, as spontaneous as Belgians. In Belgium, everybody is nice to everyone else.

Collected in Budapest

Uldis the Latvian

I picture a young guy around 20. He works at the local swimming pool of his village. He’s wearing an oversize white tee-shirt, bathing shorts and flip-flops. He’s standing propped against his rescue pole at the edge of the outdoor pool. He’s smoking a cigarette with great sadness. He’s wondering what his life will turn into. He’s waiting for something to happen to him. The sky is grey, and it starts raining.

Collected in Riga


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